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Shane Hansen of PAI, Progression Athletics Intenational, reached out to Design Build Cinema to help them tell the story of their organization.We quickly understood the importance of the work they do. PAI provides camps for foster youth and youth that need mentorship. Our approach to the video was to make the kids the stars of the piece, all while telling a little bit about what PAI offers. Even though we were running around with a full size cinema camera, we somehow seemed to disappear into the moment we were sharing with the participants. I think a lot of it has to do with how real and present our entire crew is. Sometimes people are inclined to try to shoot with a smaller camera in hopes of drawing less attention, but I have seen how uncomfortable people can get with something as small as an iphone. I have also noticed how relaxed and natural people can be even when I have a 30 lb camera on an Easy Rig with my focus puller in tow. I think it is all about the relationship and trust between the subject and the crew and less to do with the equipment.

Shot on Arri Alexa and Angenuix 30-90