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This video was created by a small team. Slater Dixon (Director) Wacom Marketing dept. (Client), Josh Baeckel (1st AC), Nathan Strand (Audio/Grip), And Noel Adams (DP). The Team, equipped with a camera and lighting package, travelled to the headquarters of CAD (Center for advanced design) in Minnesota. It was a three day shoot to create three videos. This video was my favorite of the series because it focused on the story of Mike Shultz, Paralympian Snowboarder and eight time X Games Medalist in Moto cross. Mikes story was very inspiring, and getting up at the crack of dawn to catch some drone shots of Mike at the motocross track was very rewarding. What the team at CAD is able to create with the Wacom Cintiq is also impressive.

Shot on Canon C200, with Canon CNE lenses, and Mavic pro 2 drone