Adobe Photo Jam - Day Shoots-31.jpg

I’m here to help you get beautiful, impactful shots for your film or video. Adding to your vision to make the work that much more extraordinary.

Some projects the aim is to work on a small scale leaning into the available light, real people and locations. Other projects the aim is to craft a more specific look and feel, working with a script, actors and a larger team behind the camera. I feel that being involved in both types of projects helps to bring visual structure to my journalistic work and authenticity to the scripted work. 

I am drawn to create moving images that make you feel something. What it feels like to be a human in a place, in a situation. Real people doing real things, and crafted scenes that tie into a larger narrative. 

When filming people there are thousands of decisions being made; distance to camera, subject, light source, lens, foreground, background, textures, location, relationships between people in frame and behind camera, the way the camera moves with the intensity of action. I see all these decisions combining to weave the tapestry of each filmed piece. It’s when my hands are on these threads that I feel I am able to contribute something essential.