HealthStat Atlanta

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This video is one in a series of seven created for Health Stat for them to use as a sales tool showcasing their unique offering. Design Build Cinema was brought on to this project by Portland based agency True Story. In initial meetings with HealthStat and True Story’s Michael Verdine and Elicia Putnam we came to discover that the technology that was HealthStats previous brand focus, was not as motivating and relatable as the people behind the operation. HealthStat provides onsite health clinics to large businesses and municipalities. We recognized the three main characters in every clinic is the patient, the provider, and the business or municipality. In order to tell the story of five different clinics located across the United States we put together a small multi hat wearing crew to fly with camera and lighting equipment from state to state. Atlanta was my favorite city of the bunch, the weather was nice, the people were friendly and the people that worked for the city and clinic were extremely helpful.

Shot on Arri Alexa, and Sigma 18-35 and 50-100 cinema lenses