Creature Comforts

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There is a lot I loved about this project but I think what I loved most was being able to take my whole family to the screening at the Living Room Theater. It was fun to create something that has a little bit of the spooky feel yet was something my kids could see. I was also able to bring my oldest son on one of the initial location scouts which was cool to give him a little insight to what I do. After many meetings about another project that is yet to be filmed I got a call from Cooper saying “ Hey I just wrote a short and I want to shoot it in two weeks are you available to DP?” From that point things moved very fast. Cooper and I had a few meetings where we shared references and dialed in the look and feel, we did a few test shots on the tech scout with my gaffer Toby Orzano, pulled together a team and made it happen in the short amount of time leading up to the shoot. One of the amazing things about the shoot was the animated storyboards Cooper put together, coming from an animation background put some pretty helpful tools in his tool belt. The animatics helped us work through a lot of the camera angles in advance which made for a more streamlined process on set. The project was shot throughout three nights with an incredible crew, talent and food.

Shot on- Arri Alexa with Red Pro Prime Lenses